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IMS prides itself on its superior customer service and commitment to excellence. Our core values are infused into every employee and it is through these beliefs that our purpose-driven approach to business is derived. Our business is built on integrity, honesty, and hard-work; principles that start at the executive level and flow through the entire organization. Having the right people in place is what makes us successful; it’s not just what you have going for you as a company, but who you have working for you. In our experience, the right people have made the biggest difference to the success of IMS.




Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services

Our team is dedicated to customizing our manufacturing process to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that we provide you with the best possible outcome. We understand the importance of partnering with you to achieve your business goals, and we are committed to being there for you throughout the entire process, whether you need our assistance with a single part or your full product lifecycle needs.

Our design engineering team prides itself on using innovative approaches to resolve your problems. We understand that shortages and raw material price upsurges can cause major disruptions to production, which is why we find alternative components that are readily available and suggest flexible engineering implementations to counter these issues.

IMS Manufacturing, an electronics contract manufacturing company, is making engineering changes to modify or customize an alternative component to stay ahead of rising raw material prices. Additionally, we can re-engineer and port firmware to an in-stock MCU, and resolve lead times, especially for long-lead components.

Our team can review your existing design and suggest alternative implementations to drive the total design costs down, while simultaneously addressing current supply chain issues. We apply nominal and corner case analysis to find a resolution that kickstarts your stalled production while ensuring we stick to industry best practices at all times.

We optimize your PCB BOMs to streamline the production process. Order the services of IMS Manufacturing, an electronic manufacturing company in Alberta, at affordable prices by giving us a call: 403-279-7702.

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To be the premier partner and provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services for our customers as they transform lives around the globe!

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We offer a unique contract manufacturing experience with a broader scope of capabilities than the typical Contract Manufacturer. Explore our site to see why IMS is the right choice for you.

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FAQs About Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services

Partnering with IMS Manufacturing provides clients with access to advanced manufacturing capabilities, cost-effective solutions, accelerated time-to-market, and dedicated support from experienced engineers and project managers.
Contract electronics manufacturer IMS Manufacturing invests in ongoing training for its employees, implements state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing techniques, and actively collaborates with industry partners to stay abreast of technological advances and best practices.
IMS Manufacturing offers a comprehensive suite of services including PCB assembly, box build assembly, prototyping, testing, supply chain management, and product design assistance.
IMS Manufacturing in Alberta provides support from initial concept to final production, offering services such as design for manufacturability (DFM), prototyping, testing, and ongoing product lifecycle management.
IMS Manufacturing serves a diverse range of industries including consumer electronics, telecommunications, and industrial equipment.

You can order electronic manufacturing services online or by phone at 587-741-3003.