Precision Sheet Metal Forming

In this manufacturing process, the desired shape is achieved through plastic deformation of the raw sheet metal without changing its mass, volume and material composition.

Among the various sheet metal forming methods, at IMS we use various press brakes to bend the sheet metal to the desired final form. The process is called bending and it involves forming the sheet metal by placing it over a die block that presses the material and bends it.

Precision Sheet Metal Forming

IMS Press Brakes

  • Accurpress 76010
  • 60 Ton x 10′ Hydraulic Press Brake
  • TruBend 3066
  • 73 Ton x 7’ CNC Press Brake
  • TruBend 7036
  • 40 Tons x 3’ Suited for small parts, whose blanks are smaller than a standard A3 sheet of paper.

Our Quality Guarantee

IMS staff are fully trained to the highest industry standards, and IMS offers a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on all workmanship.
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