Surface Finishing

Surface finishing is the final step in sheet metal fabrication which not only provides aesthetic value but increases durability and corrosion & wear resistance. It is a generic term for the various processes used to alter the surface of the finished sheet metal part by removing, adding or reshaping material, using chemical, mechanical or electrical processes. There are several surface finishing options available which gets determined by the project and material choice. At IMS we offer the following surface finishes:



Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is a method wherein an image is transferred to a stencil, and that stencil is used to recreate the image on the product. After printing, the stencil is either stored or used to print the design again.

Digital UV printing

Digital UV printing uses ultraviolet light to cure a photopolymer layer. This process is primarily used for for light-sensitive labels, packaging, and posters. UV inks are specially designed to easily transfer images onto various surfaces like plastics, paper, and glass.

Powder Coating

The coating is created by mixing metal powder and a polymer binder. It is then blasted with heat, oxygen, and electricity in a plasma torch to form a coating. The coating is then sprayed onto the substrate and is cured with UV light. After the coating dries, the product is sanded, primed, and painted with acrylic.

Metal Plating

Metal plating is an electroplating process in which the surface of the metal is treated using a solution of metal ions. Electroplating relies on the transfer of atoms from one source metal to another through conduction. At IMS, we use zinc and tin plating for steel and nickel plating for copper. 


Anodizing creates a protective oxide layer on the surface of the metal. There are two main forms of anodizing: pot-based and electrochemical. In pot-based anodizing, you submerge the metal in a chemical solution, whereas in electrochemical anodizing you apply an electrical current to the metal.

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