IMS 2017 Technology

IMS continues to expand and update our manufacturing capability. In 2017 we completed our third SMT line with the addition of A Juki RS1 Chip shooter adding almost 30,000 placements/hour to that line and bringing our total placement capability to about 120,000 placements/hour. We have also started a complete upgrade to our SMT capability as we have replaced our FX-1 machine with Juki’s newest machine, the RS1. Over the course of the next few years we will be changing all of our machines and replacing them with the RS1 line resulting in higher through-put, greater feeder capacity and more capability.

We have also added a second “Fortress”, Juki’s automated storage and inventory management system. This brings our automated, environmentally controlled storage capacity up to almost 5000 reels. In addition to the Fortress we have purchased an X-Ray reel counter which will greatly reduce the time needed to count reel and at the same time increase accuracy. This in conjunction with our bar-code system greatly reduces the time needed and the increase the accuracy of our inventory.

IMS continues to expand our capabilities and invest in the future with continuous upgrades and additions to our equipment to keep current with the changing industry needs.

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