Automated Programming

Today’s expectations of productivity, quality and production speed have led to an increasing demand for automated metal bending systems. The many benefits of automated metal fabrication work together to help custom fabrication shops and their clients. 

  • With automated systems, pre-set rules and configurations take the guesswork out of bending operations. 
  • Automation helps in the production of flawless steel and metal products.
  • Automation means it takes less time to accomplish tough and difficult tasks.
  • Programming is the essential element that makes the process of bending faster, more precise and easier to use. The software ensures a superfast, all-in-1 production process.
  • What used to take several hours, can now be done in minutes, allowing you to switch easily from one series to another and to produce smaller series, from 30 to 80 pieces, in a way that is cost-effective. 
  • Automation increases efficiency as it allows for working with a number of workpieces at the same time and it can work on smaller parts. 
  • Automated machines check which parts you need the same tools for and how the tool stations can be best combined. This enables you to bend the maximum number of parts with only one tool setup, providing precision, productivity and cost-effectiveness.
  • Automated bending machines are productive, non-stop, at a constant and high quality. Even after several hours, the machine still delivers precise results. Built-in sensors make sure angles are folded accurately and side lengths are measured correctly. 
  • It’s possible to run more shifts, both at night and on the weekend, maximizing output. Automated bending machines deliver top-notch results, even for complex parts, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, reducing wait time for orders. 
  • The software allows a fabricator to work the kinks out of the design before processing begins and eliminates the natural imperfections of fabrications done by a human hand.
  • Automated programming produces more accurate cuts and processes materials much faster than what a human is capable of. 
  • Automated machines reduce cutting mistakes and optimize materials, helping to reduce the cost per piece.
  • Automation means less risk of material-handling accidents.
  • By minimizing the risk of cutting mistakes and accidents when handling materials, automation technology reduces waste. 

At IMS, our metal fabrication facility manufactures precision sheet metal using automated programming. Our machining capabilities, provide all the necessary resources to satisfy your mechanical needs and see your project through to completion. We produce complex shapes, repeatedly, accurately, quickly and at a great price. Contact us to discuss options available for your sheet metal fabrication needs.

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