How We Set Ourselves Apart

Innovative Manufacturing Source (IMS) is your premier partner and provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services for all of your manufacturing needs.

Our number one priority is to provide current and future customers with unprecedented service, inspiration, and innovation during the build process. By offering a one-stop manufacturing experience, we help our customers achieve success for their end customers. IMS’ services include metal fabrication, vertical integration, and full box build assemblies.

Using IMS expertise and experience can ensure the implementation of new projects quickly and efficiently, improving your time to market. As the dynamics of the manufacturing environment change, IMS is quick to react and respond. Should an issue arise, we work diligently with customers, suppliers, and team members to diagnose and resolve the issue swiftly and accurately. Our dedicated, knowledgeable, and qualified team supports current needs and anticipates future needs of each customer.

Our Mission

To be the premier partner and provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services for our customers as they transform lives around the globe!

7 Strategic Business Principles

At IMS, 7 core company principles ensure your success:

  1. Be forward thinking
  2. Be innovative and inventive
  3. Do the right thing
  4. Be honest and straight forward
  5. Be willing to change, learn, and grow​​​​​​​
  6. Work hard and be yourself
  7. Lead by example

IMS – A Partnership that fits

Core Business Values

Our values help us soar above the competition. IMS has built an engaged employee culture around the core values of Customer Commitment, Quality, Integrity, Team Work, Respect, and Purposefulness.

Customer Commitment

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our customers’ lives and we deliver on our commitments. Each customer is treated with the highest level of professionalism and we win business on the merits of our customer service.


We provide unsurpassed service that delivers outstanding products and premium value to our customers. IMS places a high value on quality that meets or exceeds the industry standards.

“Building it right the first time, every time”


We build and conduct our business with integrity and honesty through our actions and through the decisions we make. We encourage individual responsibility as well as accountability in all we do for both our employees and our customers.

Team Work

We build strong relationships within the company structure, and across all levels. IMS encourages ongoing knowledge and skill set development and rewards high performance. We build on individual strengths and give our employees the opportunity for both professional and personal growth.


We place high value on respect for our team, our customers and the industry. We respect and value each individual, and ensure they know they are important and appreciated. We encourage each person to be a good citizen in the work place and in their communities.


All that we do is purpose driven. We have a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business. We plan, we work hard, we are inspired and we achieve.

“Singleness of purpose is one of the chief essentials for success in life, no matter what may be one’s aim.” – John D. Rockefeller

“If you are wondering about our competitive advantage we can tell you proudly about it. It’s our people.”

IMS Culture

Workplace culture is the heartbeat of our organization, and IMS values each and every staff member as an integral part of the team.We feel that when an employee is engaged and dedicated to their craft, they have a desire to achieve excellence and a commitment to make a difference. Our goal at IMS is to encourage, support, and train people to become the most skilled professionals in the industry.

IMS employees possess a great understanding of the impact their work has in our community and around the world. We strive for excellence through the quality of our work and the customer service we provide; the responsiveness to our customer’s needs and by building strong, positive relationships with co-workers, suppliers, and customers.

Our employees are our greatest asset!

2019 Employee Anniversaries

IMS extends its sincerest thanks to its outstanding employees who have contributed to positive company growth over the years.

We are especially proud to celebrate staff who have reached important work milestones. IMS’ success comes as a direct result of your commitment to upholding core company values and to delivering superior customer service throughout every project. Because of your dedication to excellence, we continue to make important contributions to the electronics industry in our home town of Calgary, across Canada, the United States, and around the world!

Celebrating 15 years with IMS

Tami A (Final Assembly)

Celebrating 10 years with IMS

Hong V (QC), Brenden E (Sales), Grace S (TH/Final), Colton E (Cleaning)

Celebrating 5 years with IMS

Remy D (Receiving), Kayum A (Mechanical/Cable), Levelyn A (Thru Hole/Final),

Gregg B (Maintenance), Mike R (Mechanical Cable), Graham H (Prod. Support),

Shahid H (Mechanical Cable) John P (Mechanical Cable)