Our Services

At IMS, we have a diverse service offering that places the customer at the center of our operations; no two customers are the same and we understand there are unique requirements that need to be addressed. Our experienced and knowledgeable team works with you from start to finish, ensuring an efficient, in-house experience.


Circuit Board Assembly

IMS runs 3 fully automated Surface Mount lines with in-line solder paste and AOI inspection. Wave solder and selective wave for leaded and lead free soldering both for through-hole and final assembly. We also offer conformal coat using either manual or an automated process.

Cable Assembly

Our fully equipped cable assembly department features Schleuniger wire and cable processing equipment. Cut/Strip machine, Strip/Crimp, stand-alone crimpers and automated continuity tester.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Precision sheet metal fabrication and machining facility to produce even the most difficult parts, specializing in the demanding electronics industry. CNC Punch, Laser and Brakes, welding, and finishing capability set IMS apart as a true full-service Contract Manufacturer.

Testing and Trouble-shooting

Full suite of test equipment and experienced technicians to perform all levels of test and trouble-shooting. In-house test engineer to design and build test fixtures using LabView. Thermatron environmental chamber for thermal cycling.

Vertical Integration (Box-Build)

Final assembly capability and experience to build your finished product and ship it directly to your end customer. IMS can see your product through from start to finish. We also have 3D printers that can be used for prototyping parts or for making jigs and fixture.

Quality Assurance

Should issues arise and you find yourself needing board modifications or repairs, our skilled team can perform all types of PCB repairs and rework, including BGA removal and replacement and trace/pad repair. The removal of large power modules is also possible without damaging the circuit board.

Production & Process Support

Our Production and Process Support teams develop full manufacturing documentation for every build. Knowledgeable support staff use innovation and inspiration to assist with the design and development of your product to ensure it is manufacturable and economical before you launch a build.

Material Procurement

Using their deep knowledge, many years of experience, and IMS’s buying power, our Purchasing staff use a fully integrated ERP system to plan material buys and ensure competitive pricing. Consignment programs with several key suppliers to ensure the material is there when you need it.

Premier Customer Service

IMS is dedicated to partnering with you the customer, to become your premier provider of Electronic goods and services. We are proud of the high level of customer service we provide to each customer we work with. We have an experienced team of account managers, backed by a dedicated production staff, ready to take care of your business and make sure your needs are met.

To us, efficiency is never an accident; it’s the product of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and concentrated effort.

Circuit Board Assembly

IMS has a state-of-the-art circuit board production facility, anchored by Juki SMT component placement systems and Vi Technology in-line inspection systems. Our capabilities also include automated through-hole soldering and repair, and test and troubleshooting expertise.

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Cable / Mechanical / Coating and Encapsulation

We offer full-service wire and cable assembly, automated conformal coating, potting with a variety of material available, 3D printing, and low-pressure molding designed for circuit board encapsulation. We also provide complete vertical integration to complete your box-build project.

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Metal Fabrication

Our metal fabrication facility manufactures precision sheet metal using Trumpf laser, CNC punch, and brakes. With machining capabilities, we have all the necessary resources to satisfy your mechanical needs and see your project through to completion.

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Production Support and Quality

We have an experienced team of support staff including Procurement, Sales, Process, and Quality ready to make sure your project flows smoothly.

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